Monday, April 26, 2010

Estimate on upcoming midwest storms

Here is my forecast for the upcoming midwest storm...

After analyzation, it appears that if the moist, unstable, warm Gulf air can be pulled up far enough so that it stands when the cold front comes through, intense severe thunderstorms will develop. A source for the weather has said these severe storms will be happening in the midwest area at some point.

SUMMARY: It has potential to happen. If it happens, it will be intense and severe.

April 30 severe threat

This photo displays a cold front with humid warm air being pulled out of the Gulf of mexico. This air is unstable, which will create potential for severe thunderstorms.

This displays a potent weather system with potent severe weather in the Iowa-Wisconsin-Minnesota area. The cold air will combine with humid warm unstable air to create very strong thunderstorms.

Welcome to the Weather Centre

Here, we monitor the weather for the Midwest area, and any significant severe weather events. Links and photos will be posted here quite often.