Monday, October 25, 2010

Special Weather Watch/Warning, Watch

A Special Weather Watch/Warning has been issued for the following areas:
-North half of Kentucky
-South Michigan

At 5:02pm, A MODERATE RISK for severe thunderstorms had been outlooked in the above areas by the Storm Prediction Center (SPC).
This Moderate Risk will happen tomorrow as a cold front passes through.


The farther east you are in this area, the faster the cold front will arrive at your area.


In addition, A Special Weather Watch (SWW) Has been issued for the following areas surround ing the moderate risk of severe thunderstorms tomorrow.

-East half of Illinois
-East half of Wisconsin
-North half of Michigan
-Extreme Southeast Missouri
-East Arkansas
-Northeast Louisiana
-Northern 2/3 of Mississippi
-Northern half of Alabama
-North Georgia
-Extreme West North Carolina
-Extreme West Virginia
-West Virginia (the actual state)
-West Pennsylvania
-Extreme west New York

All of the above areas are outlooked in a SLIGHT RISK for severe thunderstorms by the Storm Prediction Center (SPC).

These storms will take place tomorrow.
People in those areas should prepare for winds, possibly cloud to ground lightning, rain, and small hail.

This watch will expire at 12:05am Wednesday morning CDT.

The Watch/Warning will expire at 12:10am Wednesday morning CDT.

A Significant Weather Bulletin may be needed tomorrow for the people in the Watch/Warning area.

Special Weather Watch (Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas)

A Special Weather Watch (SWW) Has been issued for the following areas:
-Southern Wisconsin
-Eastern Iowa
-East half of Missouri
-Northeast Arkansas

At 4:59pm, a SLIGHT RISK of severe weather was in effect for today in the above areas.

Strong low pressure will bring cold front in. Jet stream will provide instability. Showers and storms will occur as cold front passes through.

People in these areas should prepare for small hail, winds, and cloud to ground lightning possibly.

This watch will expire at 11:59pm today.

Special Weather Advisory (see below statement for areas)

A Special Weather Advisory (SWA) Has been issued for the following areas:
-North Texas
-Central Louisiana
-North Louisiana
-New Mexico
-North Alabama
-West Tennessee
-Central Tennessee
-Southwest Missouri
-Southeast Missouri
-North Missouri
-Northeast Arizona
-South Iowa
-North Wisconsin

At 4:55pm, a Wind Advisory was in effect.

Strengthening Low Pressure with extremely low pressure of 28.3 inches will go over Minnesota into Wisconsin Tuesday into Wednesday. Winds from this system will impact all the above areas.

Make moves to secure outdoor objects soon.

Small branches may fall.

This advisory will expire at 3:00am Thursday morning.

Special Weather Watch (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, South and North Dakota, Nebraska)

A Special Weather Watch (SWW) has been issued for the following areas:
-North Illinois
-North Indiana
-North Ohio
-Lower 2/3 of Wisconsin
-Lower half of Minnesota
-North Dakota
-South Dakota
-Extreme North Central Nebraska

At 4:48pm, a High Wind Warning was in effect for these areas.

Between Tuesday and Thursday morning, high winds will impact these areas. Gusts will be up to 75mph in the Minnesota-Wisconsin area, and 55mph in the other areas.

Secure outdoor objects NOW. Objects may become airborne.
Tree branches may be downed and power lines may fall.

Do not touch a downed power line.
Do not move into a dangerous area of debris.

This watch will expire at 3:00am Thursday morning.

Special Weather Warning (The Carolinas and Georgia)

A Special Weather Warning (SWW) Has been issued for the following areas:
-Eastern North Carolina
-Eastern South Carolina

At 4:42pm, radar indicated strong to severe storms in the eastern Carolinas, with dangerous thunderstorms exceeding severe levels in Georgia, moving east.

Georgia residents....
This is a very dangerous cluster of storms. Watches are in effect. Tornadoes may occur, and high damaging winds and hail are likely. Very dangerous cloud to ground lightning is possible. South Georgia residents are advised to immediately seek cover and shelter.

Carolina residents...
People in Eastern portions of the Carolinas are advised to make preparations, unless thundering, for intense thunderstorms. Tornadoes, wind, hail, downpours are possible.

This warning will continue on for the entirety of the day.