Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Warmer Weather Returns After Early April Cold Blast

It looks as if warm weather will make a comeback after a stark cold shot hits to close March and open April.

Tropical Tidbits
In the image above, we see 500mb geopotential heights over the West Pacific, where reds indicate above normal values typically associated with high pressure and calm weather. Blues indicate toughing, symptomatic of colder and stormier weather on the surface. In this chart, valid on March 27th, we can see the strong ridge over Japan and areas just off to the north, with a slight trough to the south.

Using this, we can predict what the first week or so of April will be like. The Typhoon Rule tells us we can expect weather phenomena in Japan to 'happen again' here in the US about 6-10 days later. If the image above is valid on the 27th, we should expect some warmer weather around the first couple days of April. However, it's very possible this warmth is actually delayed, due to the aforementioned cold weather hitting the country at the end of March and start of April.

To summarize:

- After cold weather hitting in late March into the first couple days of April, warmer weather should make a comeback.