Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japanese Tsunami Simulation (NOAA PMEL)

Japanese Tsunami: Flooding Nuclear Reactors with Seawater

Why is flooding nuclear reactors with seawater such a big deal?

By flooding nuclear reactors with seawater, the Japanese Authorities are killing the reactor. They are also inserting boron.
The seawater and boron corrodes the reactor. The Japanese, by doing this, are showing they are protecting the people and environment rather than risk anything else.
After these plants flooded with seawater are secured, they will be shut down forever.

Looking for someone lost in the Japan Earthquake?

Go to the Google Person Finder. You can search names to find a relative or loved one.
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2004 Severe Weather Report Summary

Image order: Wind, Hail, Tornado

2003 Severe Weather Report Summary

Images in order: Wind, Hail, Tornado

2002 Severe Weather Report Summary

Images in order: Wind, Hail, Tornado

March 13 Simulated Map

High pressure over the Dakotas and Minnesota will make for a clear but cold day. Low pressure with stationary front sown south will create some rainy conditions, but also bringing the potential for snowy spots possibly around Nebraska. High pressure back by Idaho will make for a somewhat clear day, possibly obscured by another stationary front extending into Canada. As a low pressure system moves onshore into Canada, the Northwest will get hit with rain, turning to snow in higher elevations.

Short Term Forecast- Chicago

10:36pm CDT: Overcast skies keeping some heat in as current temperatures begin to rise up to 29 degrees. We will see a decrease in clouds as the day wears on with an expected high of 40, but The Weather Centre predicts the clouds will take a bit longer to clear out and we put the high forecast at around 39.

Tonight, Chicagoland can expect a low of 30 as the clouds have dispersed by this time. However, some clouds will keep the temperatures at least to 28-31 degrees.

Notice 3/13

The Weather Centre will be taking a more localized approach this coming summer, with some forecasting strictly for the Chicagoland area.
However, The Weather Centre will continue to serve the nation as a whole, each and every day.

Fears of an explosion in Japanese Reactor as death toll rises.

There are fears of an explosion in a Japanese reactor, where officials say hydrogen gas may be building up.
Officials also said such an explosion would be contained by the reactor building.
The death toll from the earthquake and tsunami has risen to over 1,200 people with hundreds more missing.