Friday, September 23, 2011

Winter is Coming... Series- What is a clipper snowfall system? Q/A

Average Clipper Track
Q: What is a 'clipper'?
A: Called an Alberta Clipper in its formal name, the clipper is a snowfall system that drops from Alberta, Canada and affects the Upper Midwest. It is a fast-moving low pressure system that can bring much colder temperatures behind its passage. Due to the fast movement, snowfall amounts are typically low, but have been known to go above 6 inches.

Q: How much snowfall can typically be expected from a clipper?
A: Usually 1-3 inches of snow due to the moisture-starved nature and fast movement of the storm. A stronger clipper can put down 6 inches or more, but that is more infrequent.

Q: How much can temperatures plummet after the passage of a clipper?
A: It is typical for temperatures to freefall 30 degrees right after the passage, accompanied by nasty winds.

First day of Fall!

Today is the official first day of Fall, which started just after 4:00 AM CDT.
Temperatures will fall and days will get shorter. Winter will be coming around the corner...

1st Official 2011-2012 Winter Forecast comes out tomorrow!

The 1st edition of the Official 2011-2012 Winter Forecast comes out tomorrow at 12:00 PM CDT.

Today's Forecast- September 23, 2011

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