Saturday, November 27, 2010


Due to our high ratings with international folk, I will be setting up a page for Canada and a page for Europe's weather. Each will contain comprehensive coverage of all things weather. The first page could be up by tonight.

2010-2011 Winter Storm Track


The storm track has been posted on the winter page along with very slight updates to two areas.

2010-2011 Winter Storm Track

All tracks are from Left to Right.


I have determined one storm track for this winter. It will be posted later today on the US Winter Forecast.

Low Ensembles (HPC)

Good morning/noontime everyone! We're going to do a short post about the position of the lows then we'll pump out some Weather Explained topics for you!

Okay. So above, we have the original image of forecast low tracks and ensembles from the HPC.

Below is what I believe may happen based in that image.

So, I took the majority of ensembles in the New England/Canada area. I also outlined areas of uncertainty based on the placement of the ensembles.