Sunday, July 11, 2010

Weather Ranking Scale

0-20: Brutal
21-30: Bad
31-44: Not Good
45-59: OK/Good
60-80: Nice
81-90: Great
91-100: Excellent


Now included: Weather Ranking

What it is: A rank of how good the weather is currently.

Current Weather Ranking (Local)

Current Local Weather Ranking: 45 (Not Good)

Reason: Mid 80's temps combined with humidity make for a treacherous day.

Current Conditions (Local)

Overcast and breezy, temperature in 80's.

Inches of moisture in air: 1.2 inches

Visible Satellite (Local)

Overcast in the local area.

Surface Analysis (Nation)

1:20pm CDT...

Occluded front over Southeast US...
High Pressure in Southwest US...
Cold Front in Northern Plains...
Low Pressure in Central Plains...
High Pressure in East Coast...
Dry in Gulf Coast...
Warm Front in Eastern Midwest...


Water Vapor NWS Satellite (Local)

There is a patch of moisture increased ahead of a storm system in the local area.


GOES Satellite Data (National)

Today, the GOES NOAA satellite is displaying spotty clouds in the East US, a complex of clouds in the Lower Great Lakes. Clouds are present in the Western US as well.