Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hurricane Tomas Halloween Night Update

Tomas is now forecast to weaken to a tropical storm, then strike Haiti as either a Category 1 or 2 hurricane.

October 31 2010 Snowcast

No snow is forecast to occur in the United States today.

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Today's weather, Halloween 2010

Happy Halloween everyone! Today, no thunderstorms are forecast at all across the entire area! That's pretty awesome! However, areas up north will be experiencing a cooler Halloween as a cold front has swept through the area. Down south will be a nice and toasty halloween. However, the entire northern US will experience a chilly Halloween except the Northern Plains, where today will settle in the sixties.

UK, Ireland Sunday Forecast

For you Ireland and European folks.

Hurricane Tomas revised prediction

Hello everyone. Today is a big day for the Caribbean residents as Hurricane Tomas gains more strength. I predict Tomas will intensify to a maximum category 3 hurricane, with top winds of 135 mph.
Tomas will veer away from the US due to a jet stream. The category 3 hurricane will strike Haiti. Unfortunately Haiti seems to have a curse on it- Cholera, earthquakes, flooding, now a hurricane. It just doesn't stop.

After it strikes Haiti and the Dominican Republic, Tomas will be thrown out to sea- or, it may veer up the East coast and Strike New England as a weak category 1. Those are my predictions.

SNOWCast Information

Today, Halloween, we switch over to SNOWcasts. I officially declare severe storms mostly over for the northern part of the country. My SNOWcasts will be much like a Special Weather Advisory, Watch, or Warning.
They will be classified as a Snow Advisory, Snow Watch, or Snow Warning.
They may be SNOWcast Advisory, etc. as well.