Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Now Happening: Snow Event (Northeast Affected)

Winter Advisories (Purple)
Winter Storm Warnings (Pink)
Current Surface Conditions
A low pressure system is currently moving up the Northeast, throwing out precipitation ahead of it as a couple smaller vortexes (low pressure systems) are lined up along a frontal boundary from offshore Maine to Virginia. The current form of precipitation is rain for areas closer to the coast, with more inland regions receiving some snow. Here's some forecasts from the Rapid Refresh short range model.
Projected Visibility at 9:00 PM EST

Projected One-Hour Snowfall Accumulations
The RR model is indicating the potential for upwards of 2 inches of snow an hour this evening across the Northeast, especially in Pennsylvania into Virginia. This snow will move north into areas that are being affected by lesser snow rates at this forecast time. Visibility is projected to be below .5 miles in portions of the area where 2≤ inches of snow may fall in an hour.
Total accumulations should range from a couple inches of snow to possibly over 6 inches in some spots.

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