Thursday, February 3, 2011

Heading Home Forecast

As you head home tonight, precipitation will be widespread across the Southeast US. Some precipitation will be occurring in the Plains tonight, but elsewhere, no precipitation will be occurring.

Cold Outbreaks to reach South US

In the next week, a Canadian high pressure will draw in very cold temperatures.
Below is the minimum, then maximum forecast for how much above or below temperatures will be across the US for the next 1-5 days.
Even for the minimum temperature differences forecast, the South is in for quite a cold spell as temperatures warm up a bit in the Northwest.
Above, with the maximum differences, we see just how bad the cold may get throughout Oklahoma, Texas and into the Midwest and Plains.
Out west, temperatures may be warmer than average.
Below is, in order, the minimum and maximum potential temperature differences for days 3-7.
We can see, again, even though this is the minimum forecasted mean temperature difference, the Plains especially will suffer through extreme cold.
For the maximum temperature difference possible for 3-7 days out, it is the Midwest that may suffer the most.

Potential Early Week Storm May Hit Midwest, Ohio Valley

Just after you're done shoveling (or not), a storm system has potential to impact the Midwest, Ohio Valley, and Great Lakes regions.
The ECMWF develops a storm similar to the Great Blizzard of 2011 just experienced. It has a similar track and drags moisture from the Gulf as it moves along. Below is the projected track from The Weather Centre.
The area in purple is the uncertainty cone.
The problem with this storm is that not everything is forecast to work out. Not all the models show this storm coming to.
The ECMWF shows the storm coming to.
Below is the Storm Map for this storm.
Stay tuned for developments on this possible storm.