Sunday, June 13, 2010

Special Weather Warning (Oklahoma Panhandle, Northern Texas, Kansas)

A Special Weather Warning is in effect for Oklahoma Panhandle, Northern Texas, and Kansas.

At 8:36pm CDT, a training thunderstorm was producing severe weather watches and severe thunderstorms.

This warning will expire at 10:00pm CDT.

People in this warning should seek shelter now in case of tornadoes.


5:00pm CDT Special Weather Warning Update

This is an update to the 5:00pm CDT Special Weather Warning issued for West Central Indiana.

The areas being updated are:

At 7:37pm CDT, Strong to severe showers and thunderstorms were continuing east across central Illinois and central Indiana.
Thus, the Special Weather Warning is now expanded to cover Central Indiana and Central Illinois until 9:00pm CDT.

People in those areas should prepare for intense storms, prepare for flooding, and secure outdoor objects.


Special Weather Watch (See all states below)

A Special Weather Watch has been issued for the following states:
-West Virginia
-North Carolina
-South Carolina

At 5:06pm CDT, radar indicated all the above states had at least some potential to form small intense cell storms in 'popcorn' formation. Also, some of these states had a complex of storms moving through them.

Popcorn formation is storms appearing out of nowhere.

People in the following areas are experiencing complex(es) of storms:

The following states have organized single cell storms in them:
-North Carolina

People in the states that may experience popcorn storms should prepare for spontaneous storms out of nowehere.

People in the complex storm areas should secure outdoor objects and prepare for storms and possible flooding.

The states with popcorn storms possible will have this watch expire at 7:00pm CDT.
The states with complexes are as shown below:

Illinois: 6:00pm CDT
Indiana: 6:20pm CDT
Missouri: 5:40pm CDT


All others have potential for popcorn storms to develop.

Special Weather Warning (West Central Indiana)

A Special Weather Warning has been issued in West Central Illinois.

The Special Weather Watch is no longer in effect.

At 5:00pm CDT, radar indicated storms were beginning to cross over into Indiana.

People in this area are advised to prepare for storms and secure outdoor objects. As well as turning to a local radio station or local TV station.

This warning will expire at 6:30pm CDT.


The Weather Advisories watches and warnings are going back to the SPecial Weather advisories etc.

As well for the new Special Weather Discussions.

Weather Discussion: Indiana

A Weather Discussion is now in effect for Indiana.

At 4:41pm CDT, strong to severe storms were crossing into Central Indiana from Central Illinois moving east.

A Weather Watch has been issued for Indiana until 5:30pm CDT.
This discussion will highlight the possibility of replacing this watch with a Weather Warning for SEVERE THUNDERSTORMS.

It is likely storms will hold together for at least some time as they cross into Indiana. However, the storms may break apart after according to maps by SPC.

Therefore, a Weather Warning WILL be issued shortly for WEST CENTRAL Indiana ONLY.


Weather Watch: Indiana

A Weather Watch for SEVERE THUNDERSTORMS has been issued for Indiana.

At 4:39pm CDT, radar indicated strong to severe storms crossing the Illinois border into Central Indiana.

People in this area should prepare for storms and secure outdoor objects.

This Watch may expire at 5:30pm CDT.


Weather Advisory: North Carolina

A Weather Advisory for STRONG THUNDERSTORMS has been issued for North Carolina.

At 4:36pm CDT, strong thudnerstorms were in North Carolina.

People in that area should secure outdoor objects.

This Advisory will expire at 5:00pm CDT


Current issuing items

Weather Advisories, Watches, or Warnings
Weather Discussions


Areas that may need a weather advisory, watch, or warning in that day may be issued a 'Weather Disscussion'.

Weather Warning: Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma.

A Weather Warning for SEVERE THUNDERSTORMS has been issued for the following areas:
-Central Illinois
-Central Missouri
-West Kansas
-Oklahoma Panhandle
-Northern Texas

At 4:29pm CDT, severe thunderstorms producing multiple watches were being detected by radar. These storms were moving east northeast.

People in the above areas are advised to:
-Secure outdoor objects
-Prepare to take cover
-Turn on a radio
-Turn on a local TV station

-This warning will expire at the following times for the following places:
-Illinois: 6:00pm CDT
-Missouri: 5:10pm CDT
-Kansas: 5:40pm CDT
-Texas: 5:00pm CDT
-Oklahoma: 5:30pm CDT.


Special Weather Watch (Illinois) Update

A Special Weather Watch was issued at 12:30pm CDT for Illinois set to expire at 2:00pm CDT.

The area being updated is Illinois.

At 1:56pm CDT, radar was indicating the squall line was still moving through Illinois.
Thus, the watch is extended until 4:00pm CDT.

Also, The Watch area in South Illinois is cancelled.
Central and Northern Illinois remain under the watch until 4:00pm CDT.

People in the new watch are advised to prepare for thunderstorms, possible flooding, and secure outdoor objects.



Special Weather Advisories/Watches/Warnings will now be renamed Weather Advisories/Watches/Warnings.

In the new Weather statement, everything will remain the same.

Special Weather Advisory (West Pennsylvania)

A Special Weather Advisory is in effect for West Pennsylvania.

At 12:39pm CDT, radar indicated showers and thunderstorms were moving through west Pennsylvania out over sea.

This advisory will expire at 1:30pm CDT.


Special Weather Watch (Illinois)

A Special Weather Watch is in effect for Illinois.

At 12:32pm CDT, a squall line was moving to the northeast out of Missouri and Iowa.

People in the watch area should prepare for thunderstorms and secure outdoor objects.

This will expire at 2:00pm CDT


Special Weather Advisory (Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska)

A Special Weather Advisory is in effect for the following states:

At 12:31pm CDT, radar continued to indcate showers and storms were moving through all of these states. While not strong or severe, they are widespread.

This advisory will expire at 1:00pm CDT.