Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Your Wake-Up Forecast: Valid 7 AM (CDT) October 5

Real-Feel Temperature
The real feel temperature for tomorrow will continue going up as the cold air has continues to be shoved eastward. Those 60 degree wake-up temperatures are going to stick around in the Dakotas, with 55 degree temperatures running rampant over much of the Northern Plains. The Midwest, after suffering chilly morning temperatures, will wake up in the 50's- not half bad. The Northeast will be somewhat chilly again, going below 50 degrees in many spots.
3-Hour Precipitation
Precipitation wise, it really won't be all that bad. The Northeast will end its rainy mornings (except in the upper Northeast areas), but the West Coast will once again deal with rain. The California mountain range area will be dealing with some heavier precipitation, as they are now under a winter storm warning.

Upper Northeast to take Cold Plunge

In the next few days, the Upper Northeast region will be faced with temperatures likely below or close to freezing at some point as a frigidly cold air mass scrapes the area. Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire will be among the affected.

Breaking: Reports of 30-car pileup after Tuscon, AZ Dust Storm

We are getting reports of a 30-car pileup in Tuscon, AZ after a dust storm blew through. The due was driven by high winds and surrounding isolated thunderstorms expected in the general Southwest.

Broad Low could Make for Tropical Troubles in next couple weeks

A broad low forecast to be in the region outlined above could develop some tropical characteristics and affect the area outlined and possibly up the East Coast. It remains possible this will not happen, but with each model run showing the system developing, chances do rise that it will occur.
This is the latest 12z ECMWF model run that shows a strong low pressure area affecting the East Coast 216 hours out. This is outside the 5 day time frame, which is basically the time when the forecast is usually taken as shown, but at hour 216, this is bound to change in some way. We just don't know how.
6z GFS also showing system near Florida. http://raleighwx.americanwx.com/models/gfs/06zgfs500mbHGHTPMSLtropical192.gif

October 4- Place To Be

October 4th Place to Be is Coin, Iowa