Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Weather Explained: Negative Tilt Storm Systems

A negative tilt storm system indicates that the storm is at maturity and is at its peak strength. Negative tilt storms are often associated with severe weather, as cold air overruns the storm system and adds to instability, where warm air rises through cold air.

Weather Explained: Jet Streak

A jet streak is a 'streak' in the jet stream that has higher wind speeds than that of the rest of the jet stream. Jet streaks can be better conductors for tornadic activity.

Weather Explained: Hodographs

What is a hodograph?
A hodograph is an instrument that monitors the distance and track the radiosonde (the things that go up in weather balloons) goes as it ascends into the atmosphere.

How is a hodograph used?
It is helpful in determining tornado potential, as if a circular formation is present on a hodograph, it means that the atmospheric winds have rotation present, and that rotation moved the radiosonde in a corkscrew motion as it ascended.

So it can predict tornadoes?
Not exactly, but it can determine the track of winds in the atmosphere and give meteorologists insight into if wind directions are conductive for some spinning motions in the atmosphere.