Saturday, October 20, 2012

BREAKING: Major Earthquake Strikes Indonesia

A 6.6 magnitude earthquake has been reported offshore of Indonesia.

It is not known if a tsunami was generated at this time.

No further details are available.

Updates will be added as necessary.


Signs Pointing To Snowy Weather Soon

I am seeing several signs pointing to the emergence of what will deliver us into winter coming soon. Let's get right into it.

This is the projected snow depth for about 180 hours away. As you can see, there is a wide swath of snow cover over the Plains and Midwest. While this is in the GFS 'fantasy land' (forecasts that will most likely not verify are over 120 hours out), one can take away a few things from this forecast.

The mere presence of snow in the forecast is reason to jump for joy. Forecasters can look at long range forecasts and take away general hints from the forecasts, not exact events like a snowstorm. What I take  from this is that winter is edging ever closer. The more snow shows up in the long range forecasts, the higher the chance is that some areas will actually see snow when the time comes around.

Also, this new ensemble 500mb height anomaly forecast for about 10-12 days out shows a stormy pattern over the East US. When you get that storm signature in the East and a strong ridge of high pressure over Greenland, instances of cold and snow in the winter are much more likely than at other times during the winter.

Read more on the Greenland Block in yesterday's Long Range Lookout.

There are some more things I would like to monitor through October to get a better handle on, therefore those reasons will not be revealed until early November.

I'm getting a very good feeling for the Central and East US this winter.