Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Arctic Outbreak January 19th onward Graphic

Midwest Snow Event January 19-21 Watches & Warnings

As we can see, the blue areas are where the heaviest totals are expected. Accumulations surpassing 6'' are possible.
In pink areas, 4'' is not out of the question

Midwest Snow Event January 19-21

This is an analysis for the Midwest Snow Event currently occurring.
Below is the expected snowfall for the next 24 hours.
So, we can see that snowfall totals will be highest across Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri.
A more intense band will be occurring across Nebraska, northeast Kansas back into west Missouri.
While the image cannot be posted for the 24 hours later, the image displays the storm weakening, however 1-2.5'' totals will be widespread in Southern Illinois eastward through Kentucky.

Expected totals should be highest in Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri, with totals also fair in South Illinois and Western Kentucky. The farther west you live in the mentioned areas, the more snow you will receive as the low weakens off on its progression east.