Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Potential Great Lakes Snow

After consulting with the Long-Range GFS (Global Forecast System), I decided it would be wise to inform you about the possible snow event for the Lower Great Lakes.

According to 2 temperature graphs at different heights, it does appear that the Lower Great Lakes will be in a mild spell. A warm front will come through, strengthening as it moves through. The GFS spells out that the precip could be intense.

Current doubts are obvious. One is that the supposed event is supposed to happen on November 23. About 6 days from now. In weather time, there's a huge amount of uncertainty.

Another doubt is for the snow. It appears that the front strengthens in about the NW Indiana area.
I believe that, although it will certainly change in one way or another, that if it works out as is currently projected (I'm almost guaranteeing changes), the snow could be somewhat light or moderate in cities such as Chicago, but really kick up in areas like Gary, Indiana or Detroit.

So, that's a brief preview in to a possible snow event for the next week or so.
Stay tuned to he Weather Centre to keep up to date on all the info.