Tuesday, July 12, 2011

StormTrack: July 12: Potentially Large Hail in Carlinville, IL

From The Weather Centre Severe Weather Centre,
The Weather Centre has issued a Special Weather Warning
for Carlinville, Illinois

At 5:35 PM... VIL indicators were presenting strong evidence of large hail occurring in the area in and around Carlinville, Illinois.

This storm has the potential to produce a downburst in Litchfield, IL as VIL's have rapidly decreased suddenly.

This warning will expire at 6:00 PM.

July 12: Special Weather Watch (Multiple Areas)

From The Weather Centre's Severe Weather Centre
The Weather Centre has issued a Special Weather Watch
for the following areas:

-Central Kentucky

At 3:45 PM... Thunderstorms were occurring in these areas with multiple severe thunderstorm warnings in effect.

People in these areas should secure outdoor objects.

This watch will extend through the rest of the day and will expire at 12:01 AM Wednesday Morning.

StormTrack: July 11: Tornadic Storm in Kirksville, MO



Radar Reflectivity
From The Weather Centre's Mobile Storm Track Team,
The Weather Centre has issued a Special Weather Warning
for Kirksville, MO

At 1:31 PM... Velocities indicated a tornado was likely forming/occurring just to the west of Kirksville, MO. VIL's, indicators of hail, are also off the charts. Literally.

People in Kirksville, MO should immediately enact tornado warning plans.

This warning will expire at 2:00 PM.

Additional Images of July 11, 2011 Storm Damage

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July 11, 2011: What was all the talk about a seiche in Chicago? Q & A

What is a seiche?
A sieche is when strong storms push water to the other side of the body of water. In this case, it was Lake Michigan. When the storms exited the Lake, the water rushed back in a seiche, or prolonged high wave. Official readings indicated sea levels rose by 18 inches when the seiche came back in.

Why is a seiche dangerous?
Because it is basically a small, prolonged tsunami, if you will. You can become trapped in a suddenly rapidly rising body of water, and thus the potential of drowning rises.

More Q & A's later