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Increasing Concern for Supercell Environment for Lower Great Lakes April 19

There is mounting concern over a supercell-favorable environment in the Lower Great Lakes.
Let's just say right off the bat that it is incredibly (if not impossible) hard to identify where supercells will strike.
However, there are statistics that back the supercell map.
-The NAM has been very consistent over the last several runs.

At the same time, there is a major negative against the map.
-The SPC has not outlooked the specified area for a supercell outbreak.

It could go either way. Let's show the map of concern. The 18z NAM Supercell Composite map.
A lot of people could be affected.
But remember- this is only likely to happen if the severe threat shoots north (which it isn't really expected to.)
In summary, there is some concern over potential supercells in the red areas marked in the image above.
We here at the Weather Centre will keep you notified.
You can see links and previous posts of this outbreak on the new April 19 Severe Weather Event page. Click on the link to go there.

Moderate Risk issued for April 19

A moderate risk area has been delineated for tomorrow's severe weather outbreak.
Below are SPC convective outlooks

The largest risk of severe weather will be centered over the following areas:
-Central and Southern IL
Most of Indiana
-Much of Missouri
North Arkansas
-West Kentucky

A full overview will be published, along with links to affected NWS offices, this afternoon.