Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Special Weather Advisory ( Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee)

There is a Special Weather Advisory for the following areas:
-East Central Illinois
-Northeast Tennessee
-South Ohio

At 3:30pm CDT, in the the above areas, strong thunderstorms were occuring. These storms were moving Northeast in all the above areas.

This advisory will expire in the following areas at the following times:

-Ohio: 5:00pm
-Illinois: 6:30pm
-Kentucky: 6:30pm
-Tennessee: 6:30pm
-Indiana: 7:30pm

All people in these areas are advised to:
-Turn on the local news station or radio.
-Look periodically at the skies.
-Secure outdoor objects.

Also, be prepared to take cover in the following areas:


Special Weather Advisory (Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia)

The following areas have been issued this advisory:

At 10:49pm CDT, Strong thunderstorms were firing up in these areas.
It is advised the people in these areas secure outdoor items and prepare for intense storms.


Special Weather Watch (Southwest Arkansas, Northwest Lousiana)

A Special Weather Watch is now in effect for the following areas:
-Southwest Arkansas
-Northwest Louisiana

At 2:33pm CDT, strong to severe thunderstorms were moving northeast from Texas into these areas. These storms are considered strong, and all outdoor objects may want to be moved.

People in these areas are advised to move outdoor objects indoors and prepare to take cover.


Special Weather Warning (Southeast Texas) Part 2

A Special Weather Warning is in effect for Southeast Texas.

At 2:29pm CDT, previously training showers and strong thunderstorms were beginning to slowly slide eastward.
The following areas may soon be considered for a Special Weather Watch:


Your Lunchtime Forecast

As you wrap up your lunch or begin it, expect sunny skies over the Lower Great Lakes. Some severe storms will rip through the Texas area across to the Carolinas.
Meanwhile, rain will accompany the New York area. It will be wet over in west Washington State at this time, to get a raincoat.
This has been your lunchtime forecast.

Tornado Watch Texas

Current Mesoscale Disscussion

Special Weather Advisory (KY, TN, MS, AL, WV, DE, MY, NJ, PA, OH)

A new Special Weather Advisory has been issued for the following areas:
-West Virginia
-New Jersey

At 11:15am CDT, An enlarged storm system was affecting portions/all of these states.
The strongest storms are observed on radar in the following areas:

-West Virginia

People in these areas are advised to keep a TV tuned to a local news station or turn on a radio.

Special Weather Advisory UPDATE (Kansas and Oklahoma)

UPDATE: From a previous Special Weather Advisory, the training thunderstorms were dissipating at 11:12am CDT.


Special Weather Warning (Southeast Texas)

A Special Weather Warning is now issued for Sotheast Texas.

At 11:09am CDT, very strong storms were firing up in the Houston, Texas area.
A Tornado Watch has been issued for that area by the NWS.

People in this area are advised to take cover NOW.


Special Weather Advisory (Central Texas)

This Advisory is for
-Central Texas

At 7:23am CDT, a group of strong storms was moving northeast.
However, the back edge of this complex may be training. However, this is unconfirmed.

Special Weather Advisory (North MS, Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Extreme South IL)

The following areas are under this advisory:
- North Mississippi
- Tennessee
- Kentucky
- West Virginia
- Pennsylvania
- New York
- Extreme South IL

At 7:19 am CDT, an enlarged storm system was slowly moving east to the Atlantic Seaboard. This system contained strong to severe storms.

Special Weather Advisory ( South KS, North OK)

At 7:16am CDT, In South Kansas, strong thunderstorms are training (producing storms but not moving as a whole). The training storms are moving east while more storms are coming up in that training area. In North Oklahoma, these strong storms are crossing the border south into Oklahoma.

It is advised you prepare to take cover in:
-Southeast KS
-Northeast OK

Driving to Work forecast

As you step out to work today, expect a slightly stormy central US, especially in the Missouri area. In The West, you will step out to some sunshine, but rain showers in the Northwest. In the East, a very large rain area is moving into the entire Eastern area. That's your going to work forecast, I'm A.Racki