Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Severe Weather Update (1/24/12)

The Weather Centre
5:22 PM CST
January 24, 2012

Level 2 Tornado Watch remains in effect for South Texas. Thoughts on this watch are unchanged, as this update is concerning the potential for a Level 1 Severe T-Storm Watch we had mentioned at the end of our main discussion posted this afternoon.
As for the potential severe t-storm watch. . . do not find myself particularly willing to issue a watch, as no warnings have been issued and these storms are moving into an area of lesser instability and therefore less chance of severe weather. Cannot rule out small hail and occasional gusty winds. . . but do not believe the risk is big enough for a Level 1 watch to be issued.
At this point. . . feel that a new watch of some sort will be needed tomorrow morning as the severe weather threat shifts eastward along the Gulf Coast over the next couple days. If a watch is to be issued. . . expect the possible watch to cover Louisiana and Mississippi.

February 1-2 Possible Snowfall (Updated 1/24/12)

My confidence level on this storm is very low.
As of right now, the GFS Ensembles are thinking that the storm may happen, but may not be as strong as shown yesterday.
I have nothing else to say. I find this storm to be too long range and too dicey to catch my interest just yet.
If you have questions about if your area will get hit, you can ask them in the comments below, but don't expect me to give a specific, confident answer.

My thoughts as best as I can put them-
-Rain for the Ohio Valley
-Possible backside snows for the western Great Lakes
-Any major snow accumulation would hit far north Ohio and North Indiana.