Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Chicago Blizzard Update #2

Thundersnow is being reported throughout the area.
Conditions will worsen.

Chicago Blizzard Update

Cars are being abandoned on Lake Shore Drive.
The worst is yet to come.
Stay safe.

Feb 1-3 Storm: Dry Slot More North than Expected.

On the below image, you can see how far north the dry slot is.
No models projected that happening.

HPC map

(Clockwise: 4 inches+, 8 inches+, freezing rain, 12 inches+)

Current Alerts

Type of alerts:
from NWS

Observations appreciated

Observations of current conditions where you live are appreciated on any post.


If you feel that the Midwest Snow Storm page is not being updated,
I assure you I am updating it. It is just because I do not feel the need to update graphics.


The MIDWEST STORM PAGE may be renamed the GroundHog day blizzard of 2011