Tuesday, October 18, 2011

NEW Template

We have put up the new template now.
It will be up until tomorrow afternoon.
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We apologize for not putting up the new template- we did not have enough time. It will be up around 310 this afternoon.

NCEP CFS Falls Off the Charts

The Average line for how strong this year's La Nina could get has fallen off the charts, or below -3, which would be a very strong La Nina. Luckily, the CFS version 1 is more unreliable than the newer CFS version 2, which is below.
It still predicts a stronger Nina, but not nearly as strong as the CFS version 1.

Central Plains under Freeze Watches

There are multiple states in the Central Plains currently under some type of frost or freeze notice as of 6 am this morning. We checked in on Central Kansas, and found the forecast low temperature for Wednesday night.
Yes, that is 28 degrees in Salina, Kansas. It's going to get pretty cold, so pile on the blankets and wear an extra coat in the coming days.