Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Aggressive ECMWF model ignites snowstorm potential for Midwest

The ECMWF model, considered a leader in winter storms, is taking a big and bold step to take a very strong storm through the Midwest and Ohio Valley early next week Monday to Tuesday.
The below images are 850mb and temperature forecasts for the winter storm.
The low pressure is well defined in Oklahoma and Arkansas with an intense cold outbreak behind it.
By the next day, the low pressure has moved into the Ohio Valley and even more well defined.
The cold outbreak is very intense by now. Below is a map made by The Weather Centre.
Here at the Weather Centre, we are expecting, should this storm develop, the above areas would be under a risk of precipitation.
It would be a wide swath of snow to the north and rain to the south.
The situation will likely change, so find more information on the Winter Storm page as this develops.