Sunday, November 28, 2010

WRF-AVN Model run

This is for the next 60 hours.

So, in hour 30, the AVN was tracking the storm that had come from the Northwest faster than the WRF was. The AVN had the front edge of the storm in the Dakotas and the WRF hadn't got there yet.

In hour 36-42, the AVN keeps moving along, prompting a squall line?? to form in Iowa while the WRF is only begining to do that in hour 42.

In hour 48, both models have caught up with each other, but the WRF remains a tad slow. Both models show another storm from the NW come in. The AVN shows higher overall totals in the NW than the WRF.

In hour 60, both models are on the same page in all levels.