Sunday, February 3, 2013

February 3-4 Strong Alberta Clipper

GFS Snowfall forecast

NAM Snowfall forecast
A strong clipper system looks to put down as much as half a foot of snow in parts of the Midwest and Ohio Valley, as many models are now catching onto.

Alberta clippers are small low pressure systems that originate from the Canadian province of Alberta, hence the name Alberta Clipper. The systems are fairly strong, but are coming from the dry climate of Canada. As a result of this dry environment, the clippers are so moisture-starved they usually can only put down a few inches of snow at a time. However, when the environment is primed, some moisture from the Gulf of Mexico can be forced north, and may be able to get caught in these Alberta Clippers. This scenario looks to unfold tonight into tomorrow. Some of this Gulf moisture will be far enough north that the Aberta Clipper can make something happen. As is typical of an Alberta Clipper, the snow band will be narrow, and the gradient will be tight. Wherever this narrow band hits, one can expect a solid 4-5 inches, possibly more if you're lucky.