Saturday, December 11, 2010

Official Snowstorm Thinking

Right now, the dry slot is moving along and about to intercept Chicago. It has grown recently. Forecasts have shown the snowfall will happen after the dry slot passes through.
Timing is absolutely crucial.
At approximetally 1030pm CDT, we will know more about the storm as it passes through.

Snowfall is expected to be heavy as the storm continues up north.
Chicago will likely be the border line in this storm. However, as the thickness moves through, the snow will increase.

The snow will continue until likely Sunday Afternoon. The snow will end from west to east.
The dry slot will be the deciding factor, so not much else can be said. Check our new Model Centre for more information.

Dry Slot Spotted

Here we have the dry slot, where water vapor doesn't occur, with no precipitation. Right now, current thinking is that the low will move ESE, bringing Chicago the northern edge of the dry slot.

MW/GL/OV Briefing

Chicago- Since the low is sliding over the city, the NWS is believing that the city will be dry-slotted (when there is no moisture below a low pressure.)

Areas above Chicago are bound for heavy snow.
Chicago can expect 4-7 inches


The STORMTRACKER Page is being renovated. Now, the blog will have a new layout with many oages for seperate weather viewing instead of all in one page.
You will be able to fully experience the renovation by tomorrow at noon.
It will likely be done within the hour, but finishing touches are likely.

GFS 72-Hour Precip forecast

Darker colors into green are heavier amounts.

Potential Snowstorm GL/OV Dec. 15

This is a bulletin for a potential snowstorm for the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley for December 15-16th.

Right now, the GFS is indicating a storm driving in the Tennessee/Kentucky area, similar to one of the tracks printed out by the models in recent history.

This is likely the result of the jet stream diving south, giving the storms opportunities to beat up areas such as Springfield, IL or St. Louis, MO.

This is combined with the NWS which indicates a 'chance of snow'. I have come to learn that this usually indicates some form of snowstorm