Thursday, November 15, 2012

Active Period Setting Up For Plains, Midwest Soon

I am predicting the setting-up of an active weather period for the Plains, Midwest and Great Lakes by the end of the month and into the winter months.

I have made this discovery by finding the general weather pattern prevalent in the fall months, extrapolating it by about 50-52 days (a full cycle of the LRC this winter), and ending up with my result.  Here is the break-down.

•Active periods will be listed below. The Plains, Midwest and Great Lakes are affected.
   --- November 21 - December 14
   --- January 11 - February 2
   ---March 4 - March 27

I expect several disturbances to drop down from Canada and move north from the Plains to hit the region under the dark blue shade in the chart above. If my forecast verifies, this could very well mean several winter storms. I would anticipate the heaviest snowfall to hit the Upper Midwest, as well as a few big shots of snow around the Lower Great Lakes.