Tuesday, November 15, 2011

LRC Patten Discovered- Winter Pattern Taking Shape

This is an update regarding the very recent discovery of pieces of this winter's new LRC (Lezak Recurring Cycle). Let's start off with what the LRC is. The LRC is a cycle that is believed to form between October 1 and November 10th. In this timeframe, it is believed that a storm/pattern sets up that will eventually repeat itself around 40-60 days later. This same/very similar pattern continues through the winter and fades into summer. No year is exactly the same, and there is a new pattern every single year.

So, here's what Gary Lezak, founder of the LRC, has put out very recently. He believes that this year's pattern will include a strong low pressure system present in the Lower Great Lakes and into the nation's midsection. An example of this system occurred on October 13th, October 19th, and October 31st. Below is the stronger example from October 19th.
Gary Lezak states that this system will likely recur this year, and be a 'major' storm system. If this LRC turns out that way, I would not be surprised to see cities such as Chicago, Milwaukee, Des Moines, and possibly St. Louis getting in on a heck of a lot of snow this winter from this repeating system. Lezak believes this is good evidence of a piece of this year's LRC due to the fact it repeated 3 times in one month. I do agree to the fact that 3 times' occurrence is a very interesting piece.

What do I think on this? I believe that the LRC pattern theory is valid. It is sound, and has proven to exist based on the guidelines set out by Gary Lezak. If you would like more information, including the nation's precipitation and temperature maps, you may see the entire blog post from Lezak by clicking on this link.

LRC Discovered

We will post what the new LRC winter pattern is this afternoon!