Thursday, May 5, 2011

May 5: Daily Weather Map

Monitoring Potential Severe Weather Outbreak May 8-10 (Issued May 5)

The Storm Prediction Center has outlined areas for a severe weather outbreak quite a days off.
For 3-4 days away, the SPC has outlined portions of Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas for a severe threat. For 5 days away, Those areas are enhanced with the severe threat.
In order to see what will induce the severe threat, I have matched weather graphics for the time periods mentioned.

3 DAYS AWAY (Day 4 in the above graphic)

Day 4 severe weather risk begins with a stalled dry line, which will be productive for storms.

4 DAYS AWAY (DAY 5 on the graphic at the top of the page)

The dryline has stalled, continuing to produce storms in the same area.

5 DAYS AWAY (Day 6 at the top of the graphic)

A cold front presses the dryline to move along and widens the severe weather risk.
We will keep an eye on this developing event.
Tornado Warnings will be issued as needed.