Sunday, January 9, 2011

Current Watches and Warnings (January 9th)

Down in the South and Plains, we can see pink for Winter Storm Warnings. Dark Purple is Ice Storm Warning. Blue is Winter Storm Watch. Light Purple is Winter Weather Advisory.

Weather Explained: Phasing

What is Phasing?
Phasing is when two low pressure systems combine into one low pressure system.

Is Phasing dangerous?
It is an atmospheric condition. While it is typically not dangerous, lows that combine can be stronger and more intense.
Under certain conditions, phasing lows can be dangerous.

South US Winter Storm.

A Winter storm is expected in the Southern United States early this week.
Below is The Weather Centre's SnowMAP.
The storm system will stay to the coast, so I would trim back that 2-4'' range, but I'd rather allow some wiggle room for everyone. Below is the Weather Centre's IceMAP.
I did push up ice accumulation amounts just a tad, because ice is very difficult to predict.
And when ice strikes, it's always better to warn and be over the amount than to warn and be under the amount.

The Ice is currently happening today. The system will continue to move east.
You can stay tuned by visiting the Current Weather page, here, on the Weather Centre.

Siberian Express Image