Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Years Storm Graphic

New Years Storm Graphic

Weather Explained: Dry Slot

What is a dry slot?
A dry slot is an area very close to the centre of a low pressure system where no precipitation occurs. Sometimes, clear skies occur in a dry slot.

Does it happen often?
While there are likely some exceptions, most typical low pressures have dry slots.

Do you have to be in a certain spot to get a dry slot?
Mostly, the dry slot occurs in the general south area extending west.

Can precipitation occur in a dry slot?
There is no moisture to create rain or snow or any precipitation. While sprinkles may find their way in, they are short-lived

Winter Storm barrels through U.S.

This is your Chief Meteorologist here at the Weather Centre, here to bring you a briefing on the occurring winter weather.
The pink are winter storm warnings, which we can see extending from the Upper Plains, covering basically the entire Rocky Mountains. The storm is a very intense storm.
Above is the infrared imagery on the storm. The storm stretches from Mexico well into Canada.

Typically, people in the Midwest would be worried about this storm. But the jet stream will take a sharp dive and set up a pattern bringing the storm up into the Plains instead.

The major snowstorm would set up in the Northwest into the Upper Rockies with light snow extending into much of the Rockies through the Northwest and Canada.
Above is the current GFS forecast track for the New Years storm. The heaviest snow would occur to the west of this system, with heavy rain to the east.


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