Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Weather

For all you fans out at the Super Bowl, your current weather as of 6:28pm CDT is 45 degrees and cloudy, with a wind chill of 32 degrees.

Hope your team wins!

Cold Outbreak Model Statistics

The NAM is noticeably warmer than the GFS for this cold outbreak, with the lowest temperature in this entire outbreak at 1 degree above.
The GFS is the colder model for this outbreak with the lowest temperature in the entire outbreak at -7 degrees. Obviously, the GFS and NAM are facing some large differences that mean a big change should one model rule over the other.
The National Weather Service rides the GFS at most points and goes with the lowest temperature of the entire outbreak at -6.

Cold Outbreak to grip the Midwest, Upper Midwest tomorrow night.

Arctic air will reach down from Canada and take hold on the Upper Midwest down through the Midwest area. The image below is Monday night's image.
We can see the extreme cold, especially over the North Plains, Upper Midwest reaching into the Great Lakes and Midwest.
Below is Tuesday's high temperatures forecast.
The Plains are heavily impacted by this cold outbreak as high temperatures will struggle to reach above 10 degrees in many locations.
Below is Tuesday night's forecast lows.
As temperatures plummet again Tuesday night, notice how cold the temperatures will be in Chicago, Minneapolis. A lot of this cold is due to snowpack helping the temperatures dive further.
In a large section of the Plains, lows on Wednesday night will not get above 0 degrees. Below is Wednesday's lows.
We can see the cold still holding a tight grip on the Plains, Great Lakes and Midwest on Wednesday night.

On the topic of a 'cold-day', should school be cancelled for the cold, a line of Chicago northward has potential, while areas north of Wausau Wisconsin are likely. See the below graph.