Cold Day Formula

Cold Day Formula
Version 2.0 of our homemade Cold Day Formula.
Copyright 2014-2015 The Weather Centre

How it Works:
Each question has points- 1, 2, 3, or 4 points. The more points you have at the end indicates a higher chance of school being cancelled due to severe cold.

Recent Updates (1/11/15)
- Modified formula to Version 2.0.
- Questions and answers slightly modified where needed.
- Criteria set forth now as accurate as ever, based on usage in the past.

Question 1: When will it become the most cold?
1. After 3:00 PM
2. After 9:00 PM
3. After 9:00 AM
4. After 3:00 AM

Question 2: How cold is it projected to be (in Fahrenheit)?
1. Below 10 degrees.
2. Below 0 degrees.
3. Around -10 degrees.
4. Below -10 degrees.

Question 3: Will it be windy?
1. No; calm winds.
2. Yes; light winds.
3. Yes; brisk winds.
4. Yes; gusty winds.

Question 4: How is the cold being hyped?
1. No one talking about it.
2. Some people talking about it.
3. News stations, teachers talking about it.
4. Almost everyone talking about it.

Question 5: Are schools around you closing?
1. No.
2. Yes, but not many.
3. Yes, many schools and districts closing.
4. Yes, entire area nearly all closed.

Question 6: What is the wind chill projected to be (in Fahrenheit)?
1. Below 0 degrees.
2. Below -10 degrees.
3. Below -20 degrees.
4. Below -30 degrees.


Will school be cancelled for extreme cold?
19-24 points: Probably/Likely.
16-18 points: Possibly.
13-15 points: Chance.
10-12 points: Low chance.
Below 10 points: Very unlikely.

• Do not use if your area does not receive extreme cold often (i.e. Southern US).
• Formula may be unreliable if your area receives extreme cold regularly (i.e. extreme Northern US).

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