Saturday, November 20, 2010

Current Warniongs

The purple, pink are w9inter weather advisoryies.

Potential Great Lakes Snow Update #8

November 23rd is saying that we will get rain, maybe a storm.

November 25th is no longer saying that there is a sure chance of snow. Now it is saying about rain and maybe a touch of ice. This is a MAJOR change. However, it is the thickness that says it. I will be running as many models as i can, if i can.

But I am really surprised. After days of indicating snow, the thickness suddenly draws back.

I'll have to keep analyzing this.

Potential Southeast Rain Event Update #1

Good morning! Hope you've all had your morning cup of coffee.

Let's get to it. I've been monitoring the Southeast for the entire week. I have not wavered off on it.

My findings are that an intense cold front will move through the Southeast area. I would not be surprised to find that it turns to a squall line.

That's really all it's shown is that.

So we will end the update with confidence of strong storms possible and downpours almost certain in the Southeast associated with a cold front this Thanksgiving week.

Maybe another update tomorrow.

Potential Great Lakes Snow Update #7

Good morning everyone! It's Saturday. And although the football teams aren't playing today, the weather always changes. So let's get started.

The GFS is sticking with the possibility of sticking snow in North Illinois, and possibly a very nice storm in Wisconsin. Ah, did you see the pun???? Ah??? Yeah, it wasn't a good one. I did not intend that.

Moving on! Another meteorologist is analyzing it as a potent weather system. Why? I'm not sure. I bet he's checking other models and ensembles.

I have just checked the Probability for precipitation for November 25th. It shows that Wisconsin AND us will have the majority of the same chances for precip. Although Wisconsin has just a SMALL TINT of more precip by the lake, all other chances for precip are same.

Well, that's about all the info I have right now.