Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Europe Snowstorm 11/30 Update #1

So above we have the current analysis chart in Europe. That Low with a pressure of 994 off Europe in the ocean will be a big snow producer.
It will come on shore with quite a vengeance.

Europe, you are in for quite a snowstorm this week!

SWW Southeast

A Special Weather Warning has been issued for the Southeast US.
As seen above in the SPC loop, a squall line is moving quickly out to the east to take a crack at severe weather in the South.

People in the area with the red box are advised to watch for tornadoes.
Those areas will also experience hail, high winds and heavy rain.

People in the SLGT area should watch for isolated tornadoes, high winds and hail.

This will expire tomorrow in the evening.

Arctic Outbreak OV/GL/NE Update #2

The above picture is how far out the GFSS would like to say the outbreak will affect the US. Obviously, the Ohio Valley and New England are going in for it more than the midwest, so I adjusted the title of this post accordingly.

The arctic outbreak has started. This image is CURRENT from the ECMWF model of higher elevation temperatures. The Canadian air reserves have been tapped, and now the cold begins.

What the EMCWF keeps saying is that it will not go down as far as it was going yesterday. But it is siding with yesterday's GFS and moving the outbreak into New England.