Sunday, October 9, 2011

LIVE! Updates of Low Offshore Florida

10:23- Moderate Rain Bands affecting Florida at this time.
10:20-Wind Gust to 52 knots observed at buoy.


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Wind Speeds of Over 30 MPH Being Reported on East Florida Coast

There are reports of over 30 MPH winds being recorded on the East Florida shore. This map above details the observed wind speeds on Florida and just offshore, where 36 MPH winds are being observed. You can check out the spread of wind speeds in the graph below.

Weather Models Page Significant Update

We have added 4- yes, FOUR- NEW models to the Weather Models page!
We encourage you to check out the new SREF, HIRESW, Parallel NAM (NAMX), RUC sections of the models page!!

click on the link here to go to the models page!

CFS Long-Range Model Depicts East SD with -21 degree temperatures

Pre-reading notes: This image is for November 18th and will not happen. Don't even consider this happening because it is way way too far out.

This is a pretty cool image we uncovered from the ridiculously long range CFS model that shows Eastern South Dakota in the middle of a -21 degree F. temperature on November 18th. We show this because it is considered a pretty cool thing in our eyes. Again- this will not turn out due to its long range extent.

Tropical System Looks to be Very Weak as it Rides the Coast

HPC Rainfall Forecasts for the next 5 days look to put the forecast tropical system at a very weak life as it hugs the coast. It does appear the system will be drained of energy in the Florida/Georgia area before going up the coast. We are not 100% sure if this system will actually make it to Tropical Storm strength at all, but there is still a chance it could.
Meanwhile, the system in question has a 30% chance of tropical development within the next 48 hours. This chance for development could rise in the next few days. Below we see the trough in question that is just offshore Florida.