Monday, March 9, 2015

March 9-11 Severe Weather Potential

The Storm Prediction Center has highlighted portions of the Gulf Coast for a severe weather threat.

Today's severe weather threat is focused in southeastern Louisiana and extreme southern Mississippi, where a Marginal risk of severe weather has been posted. Radar imagery shows a broad swath of moderate to heavy precipitation across the south-central Plains, feeding on moisture from the Gulf of Mexico. Thunderstorms appear to be moving inland over the Marginal risk area, and it looks as though the main threats will be tornadoes and wind.

Tomorrow's severe weather threat, for March 10th, is more expansive than today's. We see a Marginal risk of severe weather across eastern Louisiana, southern and central Mississippi, and southwestern Alabama. A general risk of thunderstorms surrounds this more elevated threat delineation. A similar set-up to today should evolve over the central Gulf Coast, as that rich Gulf of Mexico moisture continues to allow for thunderstorms to flow onshore, possibly even training in some spots to lay down heavier totals than forecast.