Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Other Map

This is a newer map that was issued at approximetally 4pm Today. This highlights some severe weather potential.

New Rainfall map for the next 5 days

This is not an accurate map I have provided, but it offers SOME insight to the incoming severe threat.

Tornado Aley update

[no image]

Here is the new threat for the infamous 'Tornado Alley'. It is likely the severe weather season may be slow to start, but history shows the severe weather season comes back with a vengence. I would also like to mention that this displayed Jet stream is very relative to the jet stream the Midwest will experience with its severe storms April 30

April 30 New Map

Note in this new map of the Day 4 analysis (April 30) how the cold front is literally waiting to pounce on our humidity and warmth in Illinois, Missouri, and other states.

Update on storm threat

Forecasts continue to project the warm front pulling through the area, with temperatures expected in the mid 70s. It is probable humidity will follow. The cold front will have to be closely watched as it comes dangerously close to Northern Illinois. As everyone knows, thunderstorms occur AHEAD of cold fronts. We will be ahead of this cold front. With the instability and humidity and warmth, it may create an explosive environment.

Update on Midwest threat

It now appears all of illinois will be coered in Friday's severe weather threat, with the western mississippi valley recieving the storms on thursday. These storems have potential for hail, tornadoes, and wind.

Days 4-5 Possible rain amounts