Friday, December 3, 2010


This is the STORMTRACKER, where we track major storms going on in the US or Europe.

So, for this edition, we are focusing on the Clipper moving across the Midwest laying down pretty significant snows.

The below image is courtesy of the Rapid Refresh Model from the FSL. It shows total accumulations from now into the distant future.

This doesn't include the past snowfall that was laid down.
So these totals look mighty interesting.
The clipper will weaken as it moves through. The below image is courtesy of the Weather Channel.
I still think Chicago will be in the 3-6 inch range from lake effect.

Potential Snowstorm Lower GL Update

Image courtesy of the NWS.
Averages of several forecasts indicate that the least for the area will be 3.2 inches
The most could be 4.5 inches.
The average is 3.9 inches.

Potential Snowstorm Lower GL Final Update #4

The images below will explain why this is the final update. Images courtesy of NWS