Saturday, October 1, 2011

How big were the Lake Michigan waves this past week?

With all the wind in Lake Michigan this last week, there was definitely an increase in wave heights. But the question is how much?
This is an image generated by the NWS for the big waves. It was determined that a buoy around Burns Harbor, IN detected waves over 25 feet high!

Frost Advisory Expands to Cover Portions of 9 States

The frost advisory has now expanded to cover portions of Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee. (Refer back to this post for more information on frost and how it happens.) I would not be completely surprised if Nashville, TN got in this advisory at some point. The same goes for Champaign, IL and Springfield, IL.

5-Day Outlook (Oct. 1 to Oct. 6)

For the next 5 days, it's looking like the Northeast will really get in on the rain and clouds early in the 5 day period, but the Midwest won't get any rain as a new warmer air mass takes hold. This air mass will create a temperate 70 degree period over the work week, much to the Midwesterners excitement. The West Coast will remain wet with precipitation totals nearing 2.5 inches of rain in NW California. It can be said that the Midwest will be the main area to look for the 'Place to Be' of any given day in the next 5 or 6.
Height Anomalies (high pressure, low pressure anomalies for the next 5 days) look to be somewhat active for the nation. It looks like a more intense area of high pressure will cover the Midwest and Plains areas, while more of a lower pressure will set up in the Northeast.
What does this all mean?
The low pressure anomalies indicate more cloudy/rainy spells for the area, while higher pressure anomalies are associated with sunnier/calmer conditions.

Frost Advisories Covering Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana for tonight

Portions of Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin and a sliver of Ohio are covered in a Frost Advisory, meaning patches of frost may/likely will be present in the areas under the advisory. The reason for this is the clear skies tonight. In the winter, clouds act as a blanket, covering up cities and thus holding down the sun's heat to make for a warmer night. However, with a clear night, that heat built up from the day bounces off into space and makes for a much colder night. Here's a real time image of infrared satellite imagery for the area in question.

October 1: Place to Be- Tribune, Kansas

October 1st's Place to Be is Tribune, Kansas.