Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Notice to all viewers!

An unexpected change has lead to a decision. A 4th version of the 2010-2011 USA Winter Forecast will be released.

Expected release date: November 11th, 2010
Level of change: Substantial
Length of post: Medium-Long
Next update on progress: Tomorrow @ 5pm CDT.

Tomas Impacts

Tropical Depression Tomas Noon update november 3rd: tomas will strike Haiti as a tropical storm.

Tomas' Projected Path November 3rd

Tomas has weakened to a TROPICAL DEPRESSION at this time.
However, he is forecast to restrengthen into a tropical storm, then a weak category 1 hurricane, then strike Haiti. Tomas will then fly out to sea. Below is Tomas' projected path from The Weather Channel, and below that is the projected path from the NHC.