Saturday, February 18, 2012

ENSO Forecast for Spring And Summer coming out at 11:00 AM CST

Presidents Day Publishing Schedule

Presidents day is coming up, and here is the schedule for posting:

-Personal Spring Severe Weather Forecasts
-StormTrack posts

February 18-20 Snow Event (2/18/12)

I am keeping with the same amounts I called for yesterday, as amounts still look to total very close to what I have forecasted here. I do think that there is now a chance for the eastern portion of the 6-10 inch forecast area to be cut off a bit into a 3-6 inch area, with isolated 6-9 inch totals.
I still think that some minimal icing could occur, with maximum ice accumulations topping out at 0.10''.
My forecast yesterday was based off the NAM because I had little time to see the models. The NAM, which has shown to overdo snowfall amounts, actually falls into place fairly well with the 0z GFS, except for the snowfall close to the coast. I feel that amounts will likely end up a tad lower than what I have shown above due to water enhancement to help some of that snow possibly turn to icy conditions, or more likely, a wetter and thus lower amount of snowfall.

Any questions can be posted below.