Wednesday, October 5, 2011

18z GFS Brings Tropical System to Georgia

The 18z GFS is projecting a tight tropical system to make landfall in Georgia and move inland. This system appears to be small but tightly wrapped, which could add to its strength wind-wise. The current projection remains that the areas around Florida could be affected, as well as the East Coast in general. The Gulf of Mexico will also need to keep an eye on this, just in case.

RIP Steve Jobs

We mourn the passing of Steve Jobs this evening, as we use his products to publish our posts and do what we have done in the past year and a half.

Weather Explained: What does it mean when I see '12z' on a weather map?

Because there are so many different time zones in the world, it gets hard to track models- much more if some are made in different continents. For this reason, weather models are run on Greenwich time, which is the time equivalent of the world's clock, if you will.

Whenever you see 'z' next to a time (example: 12z, 18z, 0z, 6z) it means Noon, 6PM, midnight, 6 am, respectively, all in Greenwich time.

So let's say you live in Missouri. You saw a map with a forecast for rain in your area at 12z. You can subtract 5 hours or 6 hours (depending on daylight savings time) to get your local time in Missouri for when the rain will fall. If you subtract 5 from 12, you get 7 AM. The rain would fall at 7 AM in Missouri.

Temperatures reach 80 at O'Hare Airport (Chicago) After Cold Spell Ends

1-Hour Old Conditions (Black # is temperature in biggest image)
Temperatures have reached 80 degrees at O'Hare International Airport, Chicago after a cold spell made many, if not all Chicagoans, shiver for several days. Today, sunshine covers the Midwest region, with temperatures in 80's and 70's around the entire area. However, at the same time, Caribou, Maine is experiencing temperatures dipping down into the 40's and may only get worse as the night comes over the country and cools it all down.

ECMWF showing potential for cold blast into Great Lakes; Could Winter be near?

The latest ECMWF model is showing two strong low pressure systems quickly putting an end to the 80's currently being reached over the Midwest and instead bringing in potentially temperatures near freezing levels. With the forecasted strength of these two lows, I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out. The eventual strength may depend on the forecast tropical system that may develop in the Florida region and potentially move inland at some point.

GFS now showing Florida to be in crosshairs for Tropical Threat

The GFS is indicating that Florida could be affected by this newly named tropical system. We continue to advise that people up and down the East Coast, Florida and the Gulf Coast keep an eye on this system. I do believe that a system will form in the next week or two, as the models have been trending this for days.
Accuweather believes Great Lakes will get worst winter.

October 5- Place to Be

October 5th's Place to Be is Grantsburg, IL