Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Invest 96 in far southern regions of Gulf of Mexico could become a hurricane

The Gulf of Mexico may have yet another hurricane on its hands at some point later in these few weeks. The latest GFS below brings a hurricane strength system to light in the Gulf of Mexico general region, where the system currently has a 30% chance of forming.
This image is valid for 7 am on September 11. Below is the current view of the invest, and below that is the very messy models currently out for this storm.
At this point, it's best not to mind the models too much as you can see they are nowhere near a solution.
The ECMWF below, however, does show this storm eventually tracking into Florida. Keep in mind the ECMWF did well with Irene and possibly Katia's tracks, so this one may be another award for the ECMWF.

Tropical Depression 14 Forms in Atlantic

Tropical Depression 14 has formed in the Atlantic Ocean.
We do not have recent tracking models available, but here is the latest satellite imagery and NHC track.
The thing to note here, is that TD 14 remains a tropical storm until past 65W on the latitude longitude scale. This means, that as TD14 is projected to start curving NW, the East Coast better keep an eye out for this storm later on this week.

We are moving into a period where there may not be a detailed post every morning. We will still post daily, however, but with detailed posts later on in the day