Wednesday, July 13, 2011

StormTrack: July 13: Strong Storms in Menlo, KS

From The Weather Centre's Mobile Storm Track Team,
The Weather Centre has issued a Special Weather Warning
for Menlo, KS

At 5:10 PM... The Weather Centre Mobile Storm Track Team (MSTT) detected a severe thunderstorm in Menlo, Kansas capable of producing extremely large hail.
The National Weather Service has indicated hail could reach 'hen egg size'.

People in Menlo, KS are advised to prepare immediately for life threatening hail.

This warning will expire at 6:00 PM.

Extremely Hot Weather July 14-19

An extremely hot weather pattern will be setting up even further into this week, and it has already set up down in the South US.
The above map shows a very strong high pressure system setting up over the Central US. Since it is connected to the Southern US air mass, all that hot air will rush up into northern sections of the US. It will also keep away any showers and storms so the heat will be non stop.
Below we have Days 4-7 temperature forecasts.
3 days from today temperature forecast

4 days from today temperature forecast

5 days from today temperature forecasts

6 days away temperature forecasts

BREAKING: Blasts rock Mumbai

Bombs have exploded in Mumbai, India during the busy evening commute.
You are urged to contact loved ones in those areas.

Affected Areas: Dadar, Opera House and Zaveri Bazaar areas
The area affected in Dadar is used by millions of commuters.

July 13 Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Discussion

There is a 50% chance for tropical cyclone development over the next 48 hours for a low pressure system about to move inland to Mexico. This system has a small window of opportunity but is nonetheless full of potential for tropical cyclone formation.
The expected strength of this system would only be tropical depression as it is too close to land and wouldn't have enough time to strengthen further.