Tuesday, December 14, 2010

JMA, GEM Total Precip amounts

The top amount is the JMA total precipitation, bottom image is the GEM accumulation. To figure out how much snow (legend is for amount in water, like rain inches) comes out of the water, multiply the color number by 10. (example: Dark blue= .5 inches of rain equals 5 inches.)
Short Range Forecaster: "Confidence Increasing."
This is the Weather Centre's news reporter, here to show you what the Short Range Forecaster of The Weather Centre has come up with. "As the clipper comes through the area, confidence is increasing out of these totals, as the GFS shows steady snows in the respective outlined areas for their respective intensities." The forecaster also outlined some cities that may have disrutptions. "Chicago will likely have some issues, the Quad Cities, Indianapolis, Milwaukee will be affected as well." All in all, it looks like this system will hold light accumulations. "2 inches will be widespread, and at least a dusting around most of the Midwest as we go through the week."