Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Severe Weather Situation #005

The severe storms are now beginning.
At this time, Svr (Severe) Wx (Weather) Situation #5 deals with sections of the Arklatex and the potential for severe storms.
If you are in this section, be prepared for isolated tornadoes, strong winds and large hail.

High Winds after the Storm

After this storm comes through, high winds will prevail. Below is a modified image from Americanwx of the GFS Ensembles.

March 8 2011 Simulated Map

Image by FrontPainter

Severe Weather Situation #004

This goes on today's earlier Severe Weather Situation #003.
At this time, a severe weather outbreak is expected in the South Central US.

Below is an image from the Storm Prediction Center.
There is an elevated risk in the Louisiana Mississippi area. There is also a risk for severe weather in portions of Oklahoma, Texas, Mississippi, Arkansas, Missouri.

At this time, The Weather Centre is predicting a squall line will suddenly form in Central Oklahoma into Eastern portions of Texas. That squall line will then move east and slowly intensify, with strong intensification in the moderate area likely overnight.

First, we will start out with the tornado threat.
The Weather Centre is predicting this is what set off the moderate risk threat. An extended threat such as the 15% area is always typical to set off a moderate risk area.
Next we will review the wind and hail threat. Images in that order.
We definitely see the hail and wind threats rapidly spike up in the East Oklahoma and Texas areas. This furthers increases the Weather Centre's thinking that a squall line will form in the area mentioned.
The Weather Centre will continue to monitor the situation.

Severe Weather Situation #003

Today, a severe weather event is forecast to occur in the South Central US.
To the left is the risk area for today.
The Weather Centre is monitoring this area as a fairly potent system will come through today, igniting these storms.

Above, we have the tornado risk for today. We see an increased risk over the Arklatex area, and will certainly have to keep an eye on this situation.
To the left is the large hail risk for today. We can see a fairly large area of 15% chances mostly in Arkansas into Oklahoma and Texas, as well as Louisiana, Mississippi and Missouri.

Due to lack of space, the threat for high wind threat is 15% in the same areas as the hail risk, but stretches down through Louisiana to the Gulf of Mexico.