Wednesday, October 12, 2011

24 Temperature Change Displays Effects of Cold Front

Latest Position of Cold Front
The cold front still stretched across the US has made for quite a cool down across portions of the country. Below we have outlined the areas that have experienced significant cooling in the last 24 hours due to the cold front.
There are two separate areas that have been experiencing an intense cool down. The first is located from the Midwest northwest into the Plains region. The second, more modest area is located in the South-central US. However, by far, the largest temperature drop has occurred in the Iowa/Minnesota area, where difference values of more than 15 degrees are common.
Winds sustained over 20mph near Denver:

6z GFS Points to Tropical Troubles Oct. 21-23; US in Impact Zone

The latest 6z GFS is indicating that a tropical system could form in the area of development above in the October 21-23 time frame. This GFS run shows the system making a NW turn, then going NE and into the Area of Impact zone. This is a long range system, so it will definitely be subject to change and we aren't entirely sure if it will happen at all. This is a heads-up.