Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weather Warning: Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma.

A Weather Warning for SEVERE THUNDERSTORMS has been issued for the following areas:
-Central Illinois
-Central Missouri
-West Kansas
-Oklahoma Panhandle
-Northern Texas

At 4:29pm CDT, severe thunderstorms producing multiple watches were being detected by radar. These storms were moving east northeast.

People in the above areas are advised to:
-Secure outdoor objects
-Prepare to take cover
-Turn on a radio
-Turn on a local TV station

-This warning will expire at the following times for the following places:
-Illinois: 6:00pm CDT
-Missouri: 5:10pm CDT
-Kansas: 5:40pm CDT
-Texas: 5:00pm CDT
-Oklahoma: 5:30pm CDT.


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