Thursday, November 18, 2010

Potential Great Lakes Snow Update #1

Hello everyone! This is an update to the Possible Lower Great Lakes' first snow in Chicago, maybe Detroit. I know Chicago hasn't had its first flakes yet.

Let's get down to business. Yesterday I told you about how there would likely be some changes in the Long Range GFS model run I saw? Well, it changed in a matter of 10 hours.

Now, it appears the precip will begin in the Ohio Valley and rapidly intensify as it develops as a cold front.

It looks like, for right now, Chicago won't be getting any snow for November 23rd.

HOWEVER! On an extended run of the GFS, I noticed two storm systems sliding through on November 25th. They came through the Lower Great Lakes. They were relatively minor and wouldn't put down any amount more than 4 inches in outlying areas of Chicago.

Additionally, I saw a much more potent cold front that really was intense. It appeared on the models as orange. I would relate that to an inch of snow an hour if the weather was cold enough.

I know how some kids are jealous in Chicago and some are happy in the Ohio Valley. But, there is a new graph I just checked.

The temperature graph on the GFS indicated that Temperatures may be too warm up in the clouds to produce snow. I would expect a mix in all areas, with maybe a majority of flakes right by the front.

In conclusion, No snow Nov. 23rd, Snow the 25th for the Great Lakes. Ohio Valley, keep an eye out for both those days.

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